To apply as an agent, please complete the registration form.
LMS will review your application and if approved, will send your username and password via the email address you provided.
This approval or denial process may take up to 48 hours.
  1. Financial Resources: Service Provider must have the financial ability to advance payments to a variety of vendors during the service delivery period subject to reimbursement from LMS Clients. These advances may include, but are not limited to, utility bills, minor repairs, property maintenance, HOA payments, Cash for Keys advancements. Are you or your firm willing to advance funds for and bill LMS Clients on a monthly basis if you are selected to provide services?
  2. Are you or your firm willing to enter into a fee referral or minimum fee agreement with LMS Clients?
  3. Are you or your firm willing to manage an eviction process if required based on assignment?
  4. Office of service provider must be within 10-20 miles of the assignment or the requirements of each LMS Client depending on location.
  5. Can you or your firm provide a letter of recommendation from a current Outsourcer or Lender?
  6. You will not qualify for network registration if you cannot provide a valid copy of E&O or do not have E&O Insurance.
  7. You must upload a Letter of Introduction that includes the following:
    (1) Why should you be included in the LMS Vendor Network?
    (2) Explain any lawsuits by any regulatory agency or financial institution, if any.
    (3) Description of listing and sale statistics for the last 6 months.
    (4) 4 references of which 2 are bank and/or servicer company.
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